Gypsy Soul Jipsē sōl | noun | 1. Someone always looking for adventure

There’s meaning behind the name…

I love traveling and so does my grandma. She is my main travel companion! She was, and still is, always ready to go somewhere. Because of this, people used to call her Gypsy. We both have a soul set for adventure. This is where the name Gypsy Soul Boutique comes from.

I love how traveling allows you to see, find, and experience new and unique things. That’s the goal of mine here at GSB, to bring a unique experience like this to the boutique.

I am happy to now be here at The Painted Tree surrounded by a variety of vendors all under one roof, giving you the chance to find even more unique items for an even greater and unique shopping trip!

Now that you’re here, WELCOME! I hope you’re able to find exactly what you were looking for and maybe a few things you weren’t!

One of my long term goals is to have a store or booth in all 50 states! With the unique set up of Painted Tree Boutiques and their many locations, I think this goal will be a reality sooner than I originally thought!

When I reach this goal, I would like each store in the different states to be unique. Each item currently is, and will continue to be, picked based off the history, current events, and other relevant factors of the state.