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Car Diffuser- Relaxing Beach Day

Car Diffuser- Relaxing Beach Day

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A car diffuser that can hang from your rearview mirror. Notes of citrus and herbs, wood, and coconut vanilla pair with lavender for a relaxing scent that will make you feel like you've got your toes in the water butt in the sand, and no worries in the world.


pineapple, honeydew, coconut water, sea salt, orchid, Maguet, moss, and white woods. This blend will have you feeling like your sitting on a breezy, tropical beach. This diffuser is packaged neatly in a box and includes a punch card with that can be redeemed for three free refills in store. The back of the punch card has the name of the scent so you can easily remember which fragrance you originally had when refilling.

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